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This page is for all those Chargers Fans trying to find "whatever"?!?! Looking for a video tape of a Chargers game? Looking for a throwback jersey? Looking for info on a player? Looking to buy Chargers memorabilia? Wanting to know a Chargers trivia answer? Wanting to offer Chargers items for sale?

 This is the page for ALL Chargers fans to help one another.

 If you want to ask a question or locate an item, send it to and it will be posted on this page along with your E-mail or contact info.

 Any Chargers fan visiting this page who knows the answer or can provide the item can contact the submitter directly. Of course if you have Chargers items for sale or trade, they may also be listed on this page. (If you have a Chargers trading cards "Want List", you may list your E-mail address so people interested can contact you for a copy of the list. CHARGERS FANS HELPING CHARGERS FANS!

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Chargers Fans Guest  Map began April 1, 2003

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Check out this brand new site called  It is a site created to reduce the endless searches for Chargers products on the net.  There is a fan created products block on the front page; make your purchases directly from fellow Chargers fans!  "One stop shopping and directory" for all Chargers related items on the net.  Check it out.

   I have a ONE-OF-A-KIND (this artist will NEVER design the same pair again!) pair of Custom CHARGERS NIKE DUNK High shoes that need a new home. Last year, I opened a Custom sneakers store here in San Diego but, unfortunately, had to close my doors. These unique shoes were designed by a local artist and are truly  amazing!

Size MEN 9.  These shoes are BRAND NEW, in ORIGINAL BOX, and of course, have NEVER BEEN WORN!  Yours for only - $ 200

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  "I am selling a 40th Anniversary Football in a very nice plexiglass case.  It has the signatures of the members of the 40th Anniversary team on it.  Asking $1,000.  Autographs included are:  Dan Fouts, Speedy Duncan, Hank Bauer, Ed White, Wes Chandler, Kellen Winslow, Gill Byrd, Ron Mix, Gary "Big Hands" Johnson, Darren Bennett, John Carney, Don Macek, Junior Seau, Keith Lincoln, Leslie O'Neil, Charlie Joiner, Billy Ray Smith, Lance "Bambi" Alworth, Don Coryell, Chuck Muncie, Woodrow Lowe, Fred Dean, Russ Washington, Rolf Benirschke, Lionel "Little Train" James, Doug Wilkerson, and Rodney Harrison.

Click on picture to see two (2) larger pictures for detail

  I am a football dealer specializing in oddball and unusual items. Please visit my website for a great Chargers selection at: Go to search database and type in Chargers. Let me know if I can help. Mike

  Great site.  Do you know of anyone interested in buying a REAL players AFL CHARGERS CHAMPIONSHIP RING and 80's CHARGERS GAME JERSEY?  Thanks, contact me at

  CHARGERS DOOR KNOB HANGER.  These are too kewl!  Hang them on your bedroom door (or your office or den).  Chargers on one side and "leave my room alone" on the flip side.  4" x 8-3/4" hard plastic.  Hang 'em anywhere!  Get more than one.  Now only $3.00 each.  ORDER NOW

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  I do sports sales promotions for corporations. I purchase my collectibles either by purchasing an entire lot of collectibles (so I can control the market pricing) or wholesale. If you have any San Diego Chargers materials that would fit either of these two categories, please contact me with your inventory listing. Jess Foss-Specialty Promotions

  The Chargers, Los Angeles and the fans of San Diego and LA in 'The Great Football War' Book; any bookstore, or:

  Chargers Micro-mini Helmet "do it yourself" in a capsule.  A plastic capsule containing a Chargers Micro-mini helmet, decals, and face shield to assemble.  These are too kewl and can be used in countless ways to show your support for the Chargers.  Only $2.50 each.  ORDER NOW

  I have a couple of tough items to find: '97 Crown Royale #114 Jim Everett, Platinum Blue - $5.00 - '97 Leaf #27 Eric Metcalf, Fractal Matrix Die-Cut - $3.00 - '99 Bowman #145 Mikhael Ricks, Gold #31/99 - $3.00. I have around 100,000 cards I am looking to sell, if you have a Want List, please send it to me. Larry

I am writing to tell you that I just finished writing a book on the Chargers of the American Football League.  Charging Through the AFL: Los Angeles and San Diego Chargers’ Football in the 1960s can now be ordered from Turner Publications. 

The book has a general history of the team from 1959-1969, roughly 60 oral histories from the interviews that I did with former Chargers' players and coaches, a game summary from every regular and post season game the Chargers played from 1960-1969, year-end team and individual statistics, and a list of all players and coaches that played for the Chargers during the AFL.  There are also roughly 280 photos, many in color. 


Some of the guys that I spoke with, whose interviews are included are Sid Gillman, Al Davis, Lance Alworth, Ron Mix, Ernie Ladd, Paul Lowe, Keith Lincoln, John Hadl, Dickie Post, Ernie Wright, Earl Faison, and Paul Maguire.  In addition to doing an interview, Lance Alworth also wrote the forward.  Take a look at the link below.  I think that AFL fans and collectors will like this book a lot.  It should also be great for autos as there are so many cool photos.


Thanks, Todd Tobias


Click on the link below to view and/or purchase Charging Through the AFL. 

  Top Loaders are only $.99 per pack. Stock up on them now before we have to take the price back up to $1.25 per pack. We are also continuing the sale on all of our Pro-Mold plastic boxes. No limit on the number of top loaders or boxes you can order. Check out all of our sports card products on our easy to use secure shopping cart website by clicking the link below or copying and pasting it into your browser.


Are you a collector?  Been looking for that Dan Fouts or Stan Humphries game you missed?  Well, VideoMike is here to tell ya, I have it!  I have taped every game I could since 1979, and have traded for the ones that were blacked out as much as possible.  I have well over 400 games on tape or DVD dating all the way back to 1971.

Games can be on VHS or DVD -- your choice!

E-mail me at and I will forward a list to you.  Also on tape, Padres, Super Bowls, All Star Games, Pro Bowls, NHL All Star Games, Aztecs football and baseball, Toreros basketball, San Diego Clippers game films (I was game film photographer 1983-84), and much, MUCH more!    Feel free to e-mail me anytime, I live to help Chargers fans.

Also, check out our website -- San Diego Sport Magazine at  It is dedicated to people just like you - San Diego sports fans!  See ya' at the Q!  No more Raider fans, buy tickets and let's take our house back!!!  M.T. Robinson

  I have for sale a San Diego Chargers Doug Flutie 2001 game used jersey.  Made by Adidas, size 48 plus 6" extra length.  Custom tailoring, shortened sleeves, everything screened on, year and size tag sewn in collar.  Comes with PSA/DNA serial number hologram on Adidas label inside jersey, along with PSA/DNA Certificate with serial number.  You can verify its authenticity at PSA/DNA Certificate #1N03654.  This jersey is from my private collection and is a beautiful show piece.  Thanks, Brad

  Hi, I live in Mexico City.  I have a 10/17/1994 Sports Illustrated Magazine from the Chargers Superbowl year.  It is the one with Natrone Means in his throwback uniform on the cover.  Picture is below.  In the Sports Illustrated Classic Covers web page, they sell only the cover for $19.95; check it out at  The magazine I have is in perfect shape, just like new.  Anyone interested?  Make me an offer.  Javier.


     WARNING    - eBay buyers should beware of this seller.  He sells scanned pictures 
  as originals and will not respond to email inquiries or complaints. 
tell your friends to be wary of this seller. 

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If you receive the information or item you were looking for, please let me know so I can delete your entry.
Periodically the e-mail addresses will be tested for validity.  Entries will be removed with invalid e-mail addresses.  If your entry has been removed and you have a new valid e-mail address, resubmit your wanted message.


I grew up with the Chargers - - from 1962 on.  As a AFL Chargers long-devoted fan , I am looking to make a memorial for information into the passing away of Charger players who played between 1961-1970.  Does anyone know any of these (through San Diego Union-Tribune, or personally)?:
 (1)  Did DT Henry ("Hank") Schmidt, pass away recently ?
 (2)  Did DB Bud Whitehead, pass away recently ?
 (3)  Does anyone remember how DT Fred "Deputy Dog" Moore passed away in 1998 ? 
 (4)  Does anyone remember how DE Bob Briggs passed away in 1997 ?
 (5)  Does anyone remember how OT Gene Ferguson passed away in 1997 ?
 (6)  Does anyone remember how G Ed Mitchell died in 1985 ?
 (7)  Does anyone remember how OT Bob Wells died in 1994 ?

Any help would be appreciated.

What a great site!  I am looking for Chargers Team Tractor Trailers. Specifically the 2002 Fleer or any Pre-1993 (White Rose) Thanks and as always...GO BOLTZ!!



Would anyone out there have any idea where I'd be able to locate a San Diego Chargers trading card of Daniel Kramarczyk, circa 1960-1969 (probably no earlier that 1963).  He played football in college during this time.  Dan Kramarczyk is my Dad (now deceased).  Any information would be greatly appreciated.  Danny Kramarczyk, Jr.

I am in search of John Jefferson pictures.  I happen to be a long time Dolphins fan, but JJ was one of my favorite players.  Thanks.

I am a San Diego Native now living in Alabama (Still a Charger fan) and I am looking for a Rodney Harrison Charger Jersey for my hubby size Large.  Please help!!!!

I am a huge Charger fan from North Dakota, looking for a powder blue Chargers Windshirt.  If anyone knows of a store or site that sell such a Windshirt, please email me.  Thanks.

 I am a huge Chargers fan, and my baby sister saw me wearing the Powder Blue Jersey and she loved it.  My jersey is authentic but I would rather get her a customized replica.  I hope to get her this for Christmas, but I will need to get it ASAP.  If anyone finds anything like this or knows where I can get one, please email me.  Greatly appreciated.  

 Can you help me?  A great and very dear friend of mine is the daughter of the late Charger Maury Schleicher. She remembers her dad in his pro days with Chargers but when he divorced her mom, nothing of his days in the sport was left behind. I am trying to find a card or other memorabilia, if any exists that I could surprise her with.  I am told there is a card 1961 Chargers Golden Tulip # 20 listed in Becket. Where can I find anyone who has anything of Maury they are selling.   Thanks Michael

 My Uncle Russ was a Charger during the 60's.  His name was Russell Smith from the U. of Miami, Fla.  If anybody has anything pertaining to his days in San Diego, please contact me.  Photos, news clippings, film or video.  Thanks Wm. S.  the 

 I'm looking for a junior size large Tim Dwight and Doug Flutie jersey ... preferably home .... please help.  Thanks, Melissa.

 I am looking for 1980 - 1995 jersey to wear to home games.  Is there any other place to look for vintage jerseys other than eBay?  Thanks, Scott A.

Does anyone know if they issued tickets for the Chargers game that was moved to Arizona during the wild fires?  If so do you know where I could get one?  Thank you, Noel.

I'm looking for a Terrell Fletcher jersey.  Would be great if it was in a men's large or extra large.  Wife of a Chargers Fan.

 I am looking for a Chuck Muncie jersey.  Anyone know where I can find it?  Thanks April B.

I really want to find a John Jefferson jersey from 1978-1980.  Anyone have any suggestions or one to sell?  Thanks, Thomas S.

Does anybody remember the lawyers name that represented the Charger fan that was stabbed by a Raider fan at the game in Qualcomm?  Luis.

Please help fast!  I am looking for an authentic Neil 41 jersey for my husband from Santa.  Do you know the best place to find one?  Thank you, Amy.

I'm looking for a Chargers Varsity Jacket.  I was hoping you might know where I can get one.

I am obviously one of a handful of Chargers fans here in Utah; most of them are 49ers, Broncos, and the Faiders.)  But I was watching the Sunday night massacre of the Faiders and EDPN did a crowd shot in the stands, and someone was wearing a Chargers Powder Blue Windshirt.  It looked REALLY COOL.  Hopefully someone out there can tell me where I can get one; I wear a size large and here in Utah, you can hardly get any Charger gear.  Thanks Robert S., TSgt, USAF (Ret) aka Sgt. Bolt.

Looking to purchase VHS or DVD copies of Charger Pre-Season Games:  Chargers vs Packers, 8/11/05, and Chargers vs Rams, 8/21/05.  Thanks

Does anyone know where I can find a reasonably priced Dan Fouts jersey preferably autographed but not a requirement?  I have seen some of the replicas on eBay, but I would like to find one of the jerseys he wore during his playing days if at all possible, home or away jersey.  Can anyone help me out?  If I can't find a reasonably priced autographed jersey I would like to purchase one of his and try to get him to possibly sign it, though I'm sure that is next to impossible.  Can anyone help me out?  I was told for what I am looking for, this web site it the place to ask, please let me know.  Thanks Jeff.

I am looking for a Kellen Winslow jersey or shirt.  Not the light blue throwback one.  The dark blue one.  Thanx, Soren.

Can't seem to locate a Chuck Muncie Jersey for purchase.  Please help.  Tanga.

I am looking for a Wes Chandler and a Dan Fouts Jersey.

Hello.  I'm looking for a junior size large Tim Dwight and Dough Flutie jersey .. preferably home.  Please help, Thanks, Melissa.

I cannot find anywhere on the net a Reebok coaches hot jacket from last year.  I know that they are out with this years hot jacket, but it is different.  I have attached a picture of the jacket and am either looking for an adult large or extra large.  I can find it in the youth sizes, but cannot find it in adult.  Please put chargers jacket in the subject line if responding.  Thanks.  Tom

I am looking for the Drew Brees throwback bobble head doll that I believe was issued as a promotional item during Super Bowl XXXVII.  Please contact me if you have one for sale.  Thank you very much, Richard.

Does anyone know where I can find AFC West Champs gear?  I ordered 2 XL T-shirts online ( ... they cancelled my order due to no stock ... go figure ... I have placed orders online at about two other places in which they showed stock but wound up canceling my orders as well.  Let me know if anyone has has gear for sale or know of any places where I can buy some 2004 Camp gear.  Thank you, Wayne.

I'm looking for a Junior Seas throwback jersey (the Powder Blue one).  Anyone know where I can get one?

I am looking for a Rodney Harrison Charger home jersey.  Also, my girlfriend loves Tim Dwight and I am looking for a Dwight Chargers jersey too (probably a small).  Thanks for the help.

Looking for a Chuck Muncie uniform for my son.  If you have any ideas, I would love to hear 'em.  This is for a birthday in May.  Thanks, Phil.

Looking for Chargers Throw Back Jersey with the 75th Anniversary patch in a size 2x or 3x.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Samantha.

I'm an oldtime Lance Alworth fan and would love to purchase videos that highlight his career.  Can anyone help me.  Ted F.

I am trying to locate Chargers jersey or jacket patches for my jacket.  I have followed the Chargers since Los Angeles.  If anyone could help me I would greatly appreciate it.  I have gotten a few from eBay but nothing "vintage." Thank you, Mark. 

Does any one have any of the 1990 season programs for sale.  Some how I missed that year.  Ron

I am building an autographed trading card book of Chargers players and I'd like some help.  Please email me with any cards signed by Chargers standouts.  Here's my short list:  Antonio Gates, Speedy Duncan, Paul Lowe, Chuck Muncie, Lydell Mitchel, Ronnie Harmon, Wes Chandler, John Jefferson, Anthony Miller, John Mackey, Freddie Jones, Jim Harbaugh, John Hadl, and any linebackers.  Let me know of any signed Chargers cards at all.  I have plenty, but I still want more.  I only have one issue.  Players must be in Chargers uniform.

3/4/2005 - Thanks once again for helping me. I have found lots of the autographed cards I was seeking, but I still need a few: Paul Lowe, Speedy Duncan, Lydell
Mitchell, John Jefferson, Ron Mix, Curtis Conway, and Jim Harbaugh. That's not what I wrote in for though. I am looking for a Donald Duck Chargers
bobblehead doll. My wife is a huge Donald Duck fan in addition to being a huge Chargers fan. It would be a fantastic gift for her, and an interesting addition to our Chargers collection which is growing daily. Thanks in advance for you help! 

3/25/05 - I know this is gonna' sound dumb, but I just found out about sending cards to players to get them signed. I am new to card collecting in general. I guess
I could use some help from all you Chargers fans out there that have addresses of Chargers Players. Any addresses will be of great help to me, as
I have none at all. If any of you can help I'd appreciate it.  Mix, Lowe, Duncan, Dean, Muncie, Wilkerson, Washington... especially.  Lydell.

9/24/05 - I am in need of a couple of autographed Chargers cards.  I am trying to get an autographed hobby card of every player that ever wore the Blts.  I have over 225 autographs at this point, but I need a few important ones.  Can anyone help, here's what I need?:

Leslie "Speedy" Duncan, Paul Lowe, Fred Dean, Eric Metcalf, Cid Edwards, Jacque MacKinnon, Carl Gersbach, Frank Buncom, Mel Rogers, Tom Day, Joe Beauchamp, Ed Flanagan, Maury Buford, and Leonard Russell.

If any of you have one that you wouldn't mind selling of any of these players or one that you'd like to trade, please let me know.  If you have had some TTM success with any of these players, feel free to pass on the addresses.  I am aware that a few players are no longer with us but some of you may have gotten signatures while they were here.  Thanks, Bolt Brother Lydell.

Does anyone know where I could send a bubblegum card to Leslie (Speedy) Duncan and ask for his autograph?  Thanks, Jim.

I'm looking for a #79, "Big Hands" Johnson jersey.  I don't know why throwbacks are not made for any of the Air Coryell Defense.  They were Pro-Bowlers, limiting great offenses with sacks and stops.  I need to build up my childhood here collection.  By the way, has Winslows (home and away) and Alworth on sale for $89.99.  The Royal Blue is pretty nice, although the numbers are white.  Thanks, Ernest.

Looking for a Doug Flutie Chargers jersey -- away, home, or throwback.  Also looking for a Stan Humphries jersey -- away or home.  Any info will be greatly appreciated.  

A friend of mine told me about a throwback powder blue Chargers T-shirt.  I have looked everywhere but have been unsuccessful in my search.  First I was wondering if there is such a shirt?  Secondly, can anyone help me find one; that would be great.  Thank you.  Erin.

I saw a tape measure in a sports store for a lot of the other NFL teams.  Can anyone tell me where to find one for the Chargers?  Is there a site for "unusual" things from the Chargers?  We have all the standard stuff.  Thanks, Vicki

Long time San Diego Chargers fan from the East Coast.  I am looking for a Reebok San Diego Chargers Sideline Waffle Winter Knit Hat.  Help please, thanks, Steve

I am looking to obtain the Bobblehead dolls of Brees and Tomlinson that were available for Superbowl 37.  Any help would be appreciated!!  Also looking for Oakland A's Baseball Stadium giveaway Baseball Bobblehead dolls.  Thanks, Randy.

I am looking for anything signed by Rodney Harrison as a San Diego Charger.  Thanks, SW.

How's everyone doing in Chargersville?  It's 1:45 pm, Sunday, November 28, 2004.  This was the biggest win in some time beating KC 34-31 in KC!  I am looking for any of the original horse and shield emblems.  The original ones, not the 1994-present.  I have plenty of the Air Force or Collegiate blue ones.  In particular I am looking for the embroidered type that were on caps, shirts and jackets.  Thanks a lot and don't forget ...Charger Power!!!  Steve.

There's a song that they play at Qualcomm every time the Chargers kick-off.  It's the hip-hop song right before they go into the Ozzy song.  Hanik Milligan gets the crowd fired up off this song every time by waving his arms up and down.  Somebody please tell me what the song is.  Thanks.

I collect signed mini helmets and currently have minis signed by 37 former Chargers, mostly from the 1960's.  However, I am still looking for signed mini helmets of the following Chargers:  Ernie Wright, Don Woods and Sid Gillman.  Any help would be much appreciated.  Thanks, Bart F.

Can anyone tell me where to find a Chargers winter jacket.  I am looking for XL to 2X.  Starter, Apex, Logo7.  Anything?  Christoper.

I was wondering if you have ever run across any cards of Chargers Defensive Tackle Jamal Wiliams? Also, have you ever run across these cards of Mike Green - '85 Chargers Kodak #6 and/or '86 Chargers Kodak #17? Thanks, Sam Powers

I'm the oldest son of John Kompara, 1960 Los Angeles Chargers. I am looking for any memorabilia on my Dad, especially any cards. What do you know about his cards? He told me pictures were taken but I haven's found any published cards. Also, do you have any memorabilia with his picture or name for sale, or not? Jon Kompara

Looking for a #80 Kellen Winslow jersey with the yellow bolts on the shoulders. Where can I get one. I am the biggest Winslow fan in the midwest. Let me know if you can help. Mark

My Dad is a huge Lance Alworth fan. I am interested in any Lance Alworth football trading cards including when he played in College on the Arkansas Razorbacks. Jamie (The Chargers fan's daughter).

Can anyone please tell me where to find Doug Wilkerson's recent E-mail address? Thanks from Austria, Europe.

My friend and I are looking for 1960-1965 (replica) team jerseys. The club has replicas marked "Seau" only which makes no sense and Kit Young was no help. My friend is looking for Alworth, Lincoln, or other quality names or no name. I played against Gene Foster in High School in New Jersey. His "mouthpiece" said it was a couple of years in prison or join the Chargers. He started at Salem where Lydell Mitchell played. Any info on replicas or early uniforms would be appreciated.

Hey there, I am from Calexico, California, two hours east of San Diego. I am stationed at Fort Meade, Maryland. I am looking for a Chargers throwback jersey. Know anywhere I can get one at a reasonable price?

I'm trying to locate a replica, AFL Chargers throwback jersey (powder blue)...I've located a throwback jersey website, but they only sell the official $200-variety jerseys. I'm looking for something less pricey, in the $60 to $80 range. I think Nike or Reebok used to manufacture the type of jersey I'm describing, but I can't seem to locate one anywhere. Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated. Thanks! Bob Sylvia, Apple Valley, California. Email:

"I'm looking for a Chargers Riddell helmet plaque. They were made by Riddell in the 60's-70's. They have a 15x15 inch wood frame, with half a Chargers helmet in the middle and a velvet background. Thanks for your help, Bob."

"Hi - I'm trying to find a vintage jersey of Wes Chandler from the 80's. Would you have any ideas where I might be able to obtain this? Also looking to get a NFL poster of Wes Chandler."

"I'm looking for a software program designed to track my sports card collection. Do you have any suggestions?" Kurt in Boise.

 "Hello, I'm a big Arkansas Razorback's fan and have a card of Lance Alworth that I'm wanting to send to him to autograph. Do you know where he is currently living?" Mike Waters.

 "I'm looking for a 1994 Chargers Throwback Jersey in away white. Made by Russell. I know this is rarer to find than the baby blues. I've only seen two on eBay. If anyone is willing to part with one, please contact me. Thanks, Joe."

 "I am looking for the 1994, 1995, 1998, and 2000 release of the White Rose Collectable San Diego Chargers die-cast trucks. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Steve."

 "Lance Alworth "Bambi" 1963 - Does anyone have a video of the 1963 Chargers Highlight Season and the AFL Championship (1964) or know where it can be purchased?"

"I am trying to locate a game worn jersey from Andre Coleman. He played received and returned kicks. Hope someone can help. Thanks Frank"

"I'm searching for anyone who may have a copy of the 1985 Chargers at Bills (Week 1) and the 1980 Bills at Chargers (Week 5) NFL games on VHS. If you have a copy or know someone that does, please contact me so we can work out a trade. Actually, I am looking for any person who may have ANY old NFL games on VHS tape. I am willing to buy or trade. Please contact me at: "

"I'm trying to locate a replica AFL Chargers throwback jersey (powder blue) ... I've located a throwback jersey website, but they only sell the official $200-variety jerseys.  I'm looking for something less pricey, the in $60 to $80 range."

"I am looking for this specific hat in a size 7-1/2.  If anybody could help me I would kindly appreciate it.  I am willing to pay any price for it.  Thank you in advance.  Bryan.

"Email me if you have any game worn Chargers Jerseys that you are interested in selling.  I am also looking for a copy of the last game of the '93 season; San Diego at Tampa Bay played January 2, 1994.  I will gladly pay for a clean copy of this game or I have lots of games to trade."

"Hi, I am looking for a shirt that says "Oakland Sucks" in Chargers colors, can you help me out?"  Stacie.

Someone please help me!  I'm trying to find the team video of the 1997 season . . . when we had Eric Metcalf.  Also, any other Eric Metcalf video anyone has.  Thanks!  Kip.  (WEBMASTER NOTE:  "Tom, I got most of what I was looking for so go ahead and delete my posting.  Thanks again.  GO CHARGERS!  Kay C."  Another satisfied customer.)

I'm looking for authentic Air Coryell-era Chargers Jerseys (in the royal blue and gold), pre-1985 colors), with particular interest in Wes Chandler, John Jefferson, Kellen Winslow or Dan Fouts.  Ryan Brown.

Hey, I'm looking for a Lance Alworth jersey; actually I'm looking for a good price on that jersey, any suggestions?

Hi.  I'm looking for a San Diego Chargers Starter jacket in size 3X.  The one I'm after has a large helmet on the back.  Please send info to me with the word Chargers in the subject line.  I delete any addresses I don't recognize.  Would like a picture of the jacket if possible.  Go Bolts!!

I would love a tape of the Steelers vs. Chargers from the 1994 playoffs (1995 Super Bowl year) (we all remember, the last year the Chargers were in the Super Bowl!!)  If anyone has one, I'd be glad to pay any duplicating costs and shipping.  Please email with any info. Go Bucs!

I was going to purchase a Chargers Beanie (hat) (with the SD on the front) from the Chargers Store, but they closed down early due to Super Bowl.  Do you have any sources?  Looking for White or Dark Blue.  Thanks, Brian Illig.

I am looking for a current "blank" Chargers jersey made out of the current "dazzle" material.  I don't even need the bolts, numbers or name.  I have someone who has those and can sew them on but he only uses the older jersey material/fabric.  I though maybe someone could help me or point me in the right direction.  James

Looking for a game worn Chargers 2000 blue, 1986 white (has the blue and yellow collar) or 1984 blue.  Thanks, Craig

I'm looking for a poster of Lance (Alworth) catching a pass against the Broncos or the Bills.  This took place at Balboa Stadium early 60's to mid-60's.  Lance appears to have his cleats on the back of the DB as he's catching the ball.  He also looks as if he's as high as the people in the stands.  This has been hard to find.  So if anyone has any knowledge of this poster, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Can anyone tell me the best way to get a mini-helmet signed by John Hadl?  Any current address or info would be great.  Thanks, Paul.

 My father was one of the Original Los Angeles Chargers and I am looking for videos or any early games or still pictures.  Thanks, Brock Norton.  (ChargerTom note:  Here is picture of Brock's father, Don.  This is from my private Chargers Trading Cards collection and is NOT for sale. 

WEBMASTER NOTE:  This page works.  "Tom -- I want to give you a sincere Thank You, for helping my family out on your website.  A gentleman provided numerous pictures that my family had never seen.  As you know, the AFL did a very poor job of filming and photographing it's players in the early years.  Thus we have very few photographs from that time period so this was HUGE.  Again, Thank you so much, Brock Norton and Family" 

 I am looking for an authentic, blank, Powder Blue Jersey.  Can anyone help?

 I'm looking for a Rodney Harrison #37 replica home jersey.  All the websites I find say that they don't have any available.  Can anyone help?  Thanks, Mark.



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 I'm looking for a Nike poster showing Dan Fouts, Kellen Winslow, and Charlie Joiner in WWII bomber jackets and Charger pants.  Caption at the bottom is "Bombs Away".  Can anyone help?  Phoenix Steve, San Diego Native 1950-1996, Charger Fan 1961- present and counting.   WEBMASTER NOTE:  This page works. "I have my 'Bombs Away' poster thanks to your readers and eBay. srb"

(ChargerTom Note Here is the picture that Steve, and the other people below, are looking for.  This one is from my private collection and NOT for sale, ha). 

  Can you please help me find a "Bombs Away" poster?  That was the most exciting offense to ever be on a football field.  Michael.

  I am looking for two items:  (1) The Nike poster showing Dan Fouts, Charlie Joiner and Kellen Winslow with the title "Bombs Away" on it. and (2) a full video tape of the classic Chargers vs. Dolphins playoff tape.  Can any one help?  Ron

  I am looking for a old Nike poster that had Fouts, Jefferson, Joiner and friends standing next to each other.  I believe it said "Air Coryell" or "Air something ..."  Let me know if anyone can find it for me.

 I'm a big time bolt fan.  I have been looking for this particular poster.  It has Fouts, JJ and Winslow on it.  Its called "Bombs Away."  All three players are wearing pilot jackets and hats with, I believe, footballs falling in the background.  Its an older poster so you might have trouble locating it.  This is my last hope.

Where might I find an authentic Drew Brees, #9 authentic Throwback San Diego Chargers jersey?  I am looking for the powder blue one.  Thanks, Grant D., Purdue Student and huge Drew Brees fan.

 I'm interested in finding a Lance Alworth signing (autographs).  Can anyone help?  Any help would be appreciated.  Thank you, Trudy.

 Help me !!!!!  I need a Chargers knit hat for winter, I'm from New York.  Jim.

Would like to find a copy or copies of any videos of Lance Alworth in 1963-64.  Please email us at

Somewhere, sometime, I will find a pair of San Diego Chargers football pants; the larger the better (like Kelchers's) would fit.  The ones I like are either the newer ones or the gold pants with the Bolts on the side.  What the heck happens to these items?  They gotta' be out there.  eBay was selling Vaughn Parker's pants for a load of money for charity.  I wouldn't mind paying if I could find the right size.  Please help in my quest.  Oh, by the way, the Raider suck.  Thanks, Gerold.

 .... AND PADRES TOO.  I'm looking for a 1978 San Diego Padres hat size 7-5/8 or 7-3/4.  This is the hat that is all Brown with a Yellow curved triangle - NO ORANGE!!!  This was the best looking hat and nobody makes it.  Can you please help?  Thanks from a frustrated Padres fan on the East Coast.

 I'm a big Chargers fan and would like to know why their seems to be two different colors of home jerseys during the 60's?  One powder blue and the other Carolina blue?  Did they change at some point in the mid-60's?  I'm going to purchase one but unsure if color is correct.  Please help!  Thanks, Mark

 Hello...I'm looking for a Al Pupunu Chargers jersey or even a Vai Sikahema jersey from the Eagles or Packers.  Thank you very much.  Jeff Jeff

 Looking for two Chargers items ... powder-blue jersey (replica or original depending on price) and a DVD of the Chargers/Miami game.  Marc

 Looking for the 1985 Miles McPherson Kodak card.  It's either number 23 or 24.  Thanks Grant.

Does anyone have the 1984 Chargers Team Picture for sale.  I am looking for Chargers player (Osby, #56) or any poster available.  Thank you.

 I'm looking for a video or DVD with the playoff Chargers vs Steelers 1994.  Any idea where to find it?

 Where can I get a John Jefferson throwback?  Help please.  Joe.

 I really want to find these Chargers Jerseys:  Eric Metcalf, Stan Humphries, Tony Martin, Anthony Miller, and #41 Terrell Fletcher.  I can't find them anywhere.  If someone can help me please let me know.  Thanks Rob.

 Looking for any pictures of Doug Flutie on field or off.  Would love to post on the Fans-Helping-Fans webpage!!  I live in Washington DC and my son and I have been fans for a long time.  My son is also considered short so I have used Doug as a sports role model.  He is now a big fan and loves to collect pictures of his sports idols.  Thanks for your help, Mike.  

 I am looking for a San Diego bumper sticker but not one that says Chargers.  I want one that just has the "SD" logo like the Padres have on their hats.  Does anyone know of anyplace online I can find these?  I would love to find any inexpensive Trevor Hoffman stuff as well???   Amber C.

 I am trying to find a Junior Seau home replica Chargers jersey and not get banged over the head with the price.  I am going to San Diego and want to wear the jersey even though I'm not a Charger fan it will drive my New York Jets girlfriend crazy.  Everyone knows that Junior is going to the Hall of Fame wearing a Chargers jersey not a Miami jersey.  If anyone can help me out I will appreciate it.

  I am looking for a Stan Humphries Chargers jersey size XL.  Can't seem to find one anywhere.  Can anyone help:  Thanks Penny B.

 I am looking for a 8x10 Autographed Photo of Don Coryell.  Does anyone know where I can find one?  Thanks, Gary.

 Hi.  Any idea where I can get Chargers logo personal checks or even checks with a football or ???  HELP -- I have been to EVERY online ordering site there is an no my bank doesn't have football stuff either.  Thanx for any help .... GO CHARGERS.

 Before Wes Chandler, there was J.J.  I am looking for Chargers game or highlight video featuring John Jefferson heroics.  Edward.

 Looking for a Stan Humphries XXL jersey, powder blue preferred but not a must.  Thanks, Anne H.

 There is a T-shirt I'm looking for.  It is baby blue and commemorates the 40th Anniversary.  The Charger bolts are on both sleeves.  Both the old and new helmets are pictured on the left breast and on the back it says something like "Chargers 40 -- 1961-2000."  I'm looking for a large.  Many thanks.   (WEBMASTER NOTE:  I just sold my last two extra 40th Anniversary T's to Evenly below****; here is a picture of what is being sought.)

 Hi ChargerTom.  Just found your site and I'm happy to know you're here.  My name is Evelyn and a long time Charger Fan -- grew up in Chula Vista, now a Clairemonter.  I'm hoping you can help me find a 40th Anniversary T-shirt (powder blue with 40th logo on back and bolts on short sleeve).  I was short of change that year and spent it on a Rodney Harrison jersey which I'm glad now I did.  Always want the T-shirt though and if anyone has an idea where or who has one (or more), please let me know?  Thanks Evenly.   (WEBMASTER NOTE:  I just sold her two of my 40th Anniversary T-shirts; she is a happy fan of ****

 My brother is a HUGE Chargers fan which is odd since we live about 40 minutes from Soldier's Field.  He pretty much has everything (he has tons of Fouts stuff) and his birthday is coming up.  I was thinking maybe of trying to find a throwback jersey for Kellen Winslow (Sr.) but I'm definitely open-minded to any ideas anyone might have.  He pretty much has so much, its very hard to find something he doesn't have.  I appreciate any help you folks can give.  Sincerely, Jeremy O.

 I am looking for an authentic Stan Humphries jersey.  Preferably authentic, away, and with the Superbowl patch.  Somewhere between a medium and XL would be great?  Thanks, Ben.

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