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I am retired from the U.S. Navy after 27 years of active duty; my father was in the Navy too.  I am originally from Texas but I grew up in Farmington, New Mexico. I am a proud Alumni of the Class of '61 at FHS and invite everyone to visit the Class Web Site. I joined the Navy at age 18 and traveled extensively in the Western Pacific area. I was stationed many places including Vietnam, Taiwan, and Hawaii. My primary occupation during the majority of my career was that of a Career Counselor. During my final tour in the Navy, I was sent to a specialty school and ended my career as a Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Counselor at Naval Air Station Miramar (near San Diego; now the Marine Corps Air Station Miramar. Upon retirement, I went to work as a Drug and Alcohol Counselor at Harbor View Medical Center, in San Diego, providing drug and alcohol counseling to Federal Probation and Parolee personnel and managing the Urgent Care facility. The hospital was sold and closed and I moved on to a short stint as a drug and alcohol program director at the Salvation Army. By this time I knew I was ready to leave the counseling field and pursue upper management positions.

A few years ago, I resigned from a large not-for-profit company where I held the position of Chief Operating Officer for ten years. The company is named Job Options, Inc. and the primary mission is to provide jobs to people with disabilities.

I am married to Sandra (Sandye) Vaughn. I have two children, Bridgett and Terry from my first marriage, and Sandye has three children, Aaron, Colin, and Jesse from her first marriage. We have nine grandchildren, 7 boys and 2 girls: Eric and Jeremy from my daughter Bridgett, and Chase, Cory, and Jake from my son, Terry, Sean from our son Jesse and his wife Lauren, Ashlin from our son Colin and his wife Laurie, and on the East Coast, Lily and Koa from Sandye's oldest son, Aaron.  We now have two great-grandbabies, Jack from grandson Eric and Caidence from grandson Chase. 

Our current at home "child" is our little dog, Sadie.  She keeps us grounded, loved, and loving.  She is so cute, she has her own Facebook Page; check her out on Facebook at Sadie Mae Vaughn.

Sandye and I are avid San Diego Chargers fans and were Gold Club Season Ticket holders for many years before we moved to Texas. We attended the Super Bowl at Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego in 1998 and look forward to continuing to watch Philip Rivers grow into one of the premier Quarterbacks in Chargers history.  We are finally forgetting the Ryan Leaf nightmare!  Having just moved back to San Diego we are once again season ticket holders for the Chargers and were season ticket holders for eight years with Texas Christian University (TCU) football while in Texas and love the college atmosphere.

We also took in lots of Padres Baseball games and were season ticket holders to the San Diego Gulls of the East Coast Hockey League.  While in San Diego, we also enjoyed outdoor concerts as well as our annual passes to the Zoo, Sea World, and the Wild Animal Park. We were never at a loss for something to do in America's finest city, San Diego, California. After having returned from Texas we continue to be fans of TCU football, Mavericks Basketball and Stars Hockey.  Oh yea - things I will NEVER be are a Cowboys fan or a Raiders fan!!!

I have only been a collector of Chargers Football Trading Cards for a few years now. My original goal was to get one of every card ever made for San Diego Chargers players. The team was started in 1960 as the Los Angeles Chargers and they then moved to San Diego in 1961. I watched them play in the old AFL at Balboa Stadium when I was in San Diego in the Navy in 1961. From 1960 through 1992, there were only one to three trading card companies doing Football Cards so it is fairly easy to get all of them collected (although as you can see from my Want List, I am still missing quite a few). However, after 1992, many many card companies began to produce cards and the market has expanded now to the point that there are literally hundreds of Chargers cards made every year. For NOW my goal is just to get all cards from 1960 through 1998, and THEN we will go for the more recent years.

If you, or anyone you know, collects Football Cards and could help me out, please have them visit this page and E-Mail me what they have and I will probably buy them. As stated earlier on the Home Page, I ONLY buy Chargers cards on the Want List and I will pay full Beckett prices based on the condition of the card. I will also pay postage and, if the seller and I agree, I will add a small monetary tip for the service. Spread the word; and "GO CHARGERS"!

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For card collectors and/or fellow Chargers fans, check out the Gold Club & Links page for Super Links and send an E-Mail request for a special service to automatically send you cards as they come out: GRIDIRON COLLECTABLES

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