I have all cards issued from 1960 through present except the cards listed below.
If you have any of these cards please let me know and I will buy them.

Circling Football


ChargerTom's Blog-RANTS

1993 Pinnacle Team Pinnacle


Leslie O'Neal
1993 Stadium Club


Darrien Gordon ERR
1994 Bowman's Best


Natrone Means
1994 Finest Rookie Jumbos


Natrone Means
1994 Playoff Contenders Sophmore Contenders


Natrone Means
1994 Pro Line Live Autographs


Leslie O'Neal
1994 Pro Line Live Autographs


Isaac Davis
1994 Pro Line Live Autographs


Andre Coleman
1994 Stadium Club Super Teams


Natrone Means
1994 Topps Promo


Stan Humphries
1995 Collectors Edge 12th Man Redemption 21 Alfred Pupunu
1995 Collectors Edge Time Warp TW13 Leslie O'Neal
1995 Collectors Edge Time Warp TW3 Natrone Means
1995 Pro Line Autographs 45 Darrien Gordon / 2400
1995 Pro Line Autographs 356 Natrone Means / 1058
1995 Pro Line Autographs 218A Shawn Jefferson / 120
1995 Pro Line Autographs 218B Shawn Jefferson / 240
1995 Pro Line Autographs 292A Shaun Gayle / 1200
1995 Pro Line Autographs 292B Shaun Gayle / 265AP
1995 Pro Line Game of the Week 9 Junior Seau
1995 Pro Line Precision Cuts P16 Natrone Means
1995 Zenith Z-Team ZT16 Natrone Means
1996 Collectors Edge Quantum Motion 14 Natrone Means
1996 Finest G42 Andre Coleman G       
1996 Pacific Dynagon Tandems 25 Aaron Hayden
1996 Pacific Dynagon Tandems 28 Ronnie Harmon
1996 Score Settle the Score 29 Junior Seau
1997 Fleer 360 Eric Pegram
1997 Pacific Dynagon Tandems 56 Stan Humphries
1997 Pacific Dynagon Tandems 58 Terrell Fletcher
1997 Ultra 76 Eric Metcalf

CHARGER Football ScoreboardPOWER

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