Chargers Autographed Banner

This is a 4 'x 4' Banner autographed by 58 of the 1999 San Diego Chargers, including the likes of: Darren Bennett, David Binn, Fakhir Brown, Kenny Bynum, John Carney, Reggie Davis, Charles Dimry, Adrian Dingle, Gerald Dixon, Michael Dumas, Jermaine Fazande, Al Fontenot, Roman Fortin, Jeff Graham, Michael Hamilton, Jim Harbaugh, Rodney Harrison, John Jackson, Raylee Johnson, Freddie Jones, Darryll Lewis, Fred McCrary, Michael Mohring, Vaughn Parker, John Parrella, Jason Perry, Alfred Pupunu, Mikhael Ricks, Orlando Ruff, Junior Seau, Terrence Shaw, Jimmy Spencer, Bryan Still, Aaron Taylor, Scott Turner, Jamal Williams, Jose Cortez, Tony Gaiter, Dwayne Harper, and Equipment Manager Sid Brooks. This is not the complete list but is illustrative.

Chargers Bleachers

These are "bleachers" in my basement. In the lower left of the picture are actual stadium seats removed from Jack Murphy Stadium when the expansion was done. On those seats are our padded seats and souvenir packs from the 1998 Super Bowl held in San Diego (Denver beat the Packers).

Chargers Pictures and Magazine Cases

This view shows many pictures on the wall and cases for my Media Guides, Game Day Programs, pens and buttons, Chargers mini-trucks and Chargers Benie babies. I have autographed individual pictures of Lance "Bambi" Alworth, John Carney, Dan Foutz, Sid Gillman, John Hadle, Rodney Harrison, Stan Humphries, John Jefferson, Charlie Joiner, Ryan Leaf, Paul Maguire, Tony Martin, Natrone Means, Chris Mims, Chuck Muncie, Junior Seau, Kellen Winslow, and Blaise Winter.

The Chargers Basement

This view shows the banner and a padded bench for lounging or sleeping. You can also see the Team Pictures and Chargers hat collection, as well as some of the flags and towels of the Chargers and Padres.

Chargers Team Pictures

Here are my framed Team Pictures wall. I still need Team Pictures for 1960 through 1967 and  '79, and '91 to complete the collection. Email me if you have any of them and I will buy them. Sell me your Team Pictures HERE.




Chargers trucks, cars, and other items

Natrone, LT at TCU, and Banner signed by 58 1999 Chargers
Flutie Flakes, Don Snyder autographed baseball, stadium replica.

Bombs Away poster, 1960 LA Chargers mounted pictures, and other
early Chargers years posters, pennants, and team pictures.
Jack Murphy Stadium seats and team pictures.

Chargers game programs, media guides, and yearbooks.
Chargers bobble heads, autographed footballs, and
neon bar sign (and the San Diego Chicken).

Chargers pins and buttons (many frames full).
Chargers framed season tickets (many years worth)

Some of my autographed Players' Pictures.

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